Samantha Kennedy is a St. Louis based printmaker, designer, and painter. She received her AFA from St. Louis Community College- Florissant Valley in the spring of 2015 and her BFA from the University of Missouri- Saint Louis. She has worked as a Press Assistant at Tom Huck’s Evil Prints since November 2013. 

Artist Statement

My work can be described as a landscape of the collapse of memory and reality. The core of my practice is based on my own personal experiences as a female; in fact, I consider many of my pieces to be self-portraits. For example, 6364 is not only modeled after my first childhood home, it also contains specific elements from my personal memories there. The domestic spaces in my work represent a private habitat or sanctuary a person may use to escape ‘life’ or use certain coping mechanisms to lessen their burden. I chose to represent early childhood in my work through stereotypical gender colors of baby blue and pink, however they are contrasted with dark and graphic unbecoming imagery. I also include appropriated stock photos of said imagery as a way to mimic the bare bones of common domestic settings that many viewers would recognize and relate to. Not only does the choice of pink resemble a female narrative, it serves as a reminder of the misogynistic social construction of women’s place in domestic spaces- particularly clean and neat environments. My work also touches on the struggle of growing old and accepting -or perhaps denying- the unavoidable consequences and responsibilities of life and eventual death that every living thing must face. 

- Samantha Kennedy 2017